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I sometime give scripting classes in SL


Basic class is a five time two hours introduction for beginners.

The goal is to understand what a script is, how it works, and be able to write simple scripts or modify existing scripts without getting lost and braking them.
THIS IS NOT A POP-CORN CLASS! Students will have to write scripts during and between sessions.


I can give the class in English or in French but a base knowledge of English is needed to read the LSL documentation. A session is 2 hours long, sometime a bit more if we agree to extend. Study plan below is not rigid. I'll adapt it on the go with each class depending students needs and progress. That's why I only take small classes


What is needed:

  • A group of 3 to 6 students willing to learn,  attend all the sessions and do some home work between them
  • A place where all will be allowed to rez objects and run scripts
  • Voice enabled. Questions can be typed in chat but answers and explanations will be in voice (much faster)

 Study plan:

Session 1

Structure of a script. Variables, Functions, Events

Class makes a first scripted object and plays with it

Homework: Learn a first set of functions in the wiki

Session 2

Script - Avatars interaction, Talking and listening objects, making menus

Homework: Do some modifications to the script made in class. Learn another set of functions

Session 3

More Events. At that point, class can choose a little project to work on together

Homework: work on the project. Learn another set of functions

Session 4

Asynchronous operations. Data server event, multiple scripts communication

Homework: work on the project. Learn another set of functions

Session 5

Permission system. triggering animations (like poseballs)

Finish the project

















A couple more sessions can be organised to finish the project. and A test can be done to validate knowledge.

Every time I gave that class it was just fun for all and a good part of the students managed to continue learning and practising by themselves. Creating a group for the class is a good idea as the can use it to help each other.