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Guided Tours System

So many visitors go through a sim and miss half of the smart things to see there. Set up a guided tour to give them a good first impression.


Guided tour is a two seated vehicle waiting there for your visitor to sit on it. As they do, the vehicle will start it's trip and fly around following a path you designed for them.


During the tour, lines from a text you wrote will be whispered to passengers. Sounds can be added too to make the tour even more enjoyable.

A set of metacommands allows to change vehicle speed, orientation and tilt on slopes. The tour can even cross sims boundaries.

Easy setup

Building your tour needs no special skill. you just fly around wearing a special tour building tool.

Save the tool work into a notecard and drop int into the tour vehicle. Your tour is ready.


Multiple cars, as soon as a vehicle is gone on the tour, another one is rezed for another visitor to take it.

Multiple tours, visitor can get a choice of different tours from the same starting point when he sits on the vehicle.

Multiple languages, You can translate your tour commentary into several languages and let visitors choose witch they prefer to read.

Multiple shapes, Several vehicle types are available on option, and you can also use your own object as a tour vehicle.

Mess free

At arrival of the tour or if it gets unboarded during tour the vehicle is deleted. As vehicle is made temorary at start multiple running tours won't count against your prims allowance.


Visit my in world shop to get landmarks to existing tours from my custommers. Enjoy them and start making your's today.


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